Wearables, the more frequently seen watch-like devices that now nearly 1 in 6 adults are wearing and fast becoming a hit across the United States.

The wearable industry hit $2 billion in 2015, is expected to hit $3 billion in 2017 and $4 billion in 2018.

Wearables archive, store and analyze billions of pieces of

Fiat-ChryslerMy firm filed the first and only class action in Wyoming on behalf of Wyomignites who were duped into purchasing the Volkswagen vehicles that were later discovered to be outfitted with diesel emission devices that operated to circumvent smog testing.  To Volkswagen’s credit, they worked with teams of lawyers to come to a comprehensive settlement

cyberWhile technology continues to outpace the law, new and emerging legal issues will arise in an effort to keep up with the oft changing landscape that technology has created in today’s society; not the least of which will be cyber security and demand for protection against cyber hacks.

The law requires companies to protect against

heart attackA new study in the British Journal of Medicine has resurrected the debate and concern over cardiovascular risk linked to the commonly utilized pain relievers known as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, or NSAIDs.

The study involved a systematic review of studies involving more than 440,000 individuals ages 40-79.  Approximately 61,000 had heart attacks.

What was of