As we enter the second month of 2020, many products are getting added attention 
and such attention is arguably due to the litigations that have caused awareness and 
education regarding dangerous products, that but for our civil justice system, would have never been brought to the forefront.  Learn more below and please share this with any family and friends that you believe may be able to help us prevent even just one catastrophe.

~ Jason Ochs

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FDA Holds Public Meeting on Asbestos Guidelines for Talcum Powder Based Products

Last week, on February 4th, the FDA held its first public meeting about possibly implementing industry guidelines for the detection of asbestos in any talcum based products. Currently, no industry standard exists that is governed by the FDA, and is left to the industry to police themselves. The current talcum powder litigation has exposed the misgivings and inadequacies of this approach. Listen to our podcast here about  last week’s meeting:

And to learn the fascinating and disturbing 50-year history behind talcum powder and asbestos, listen to our one-of-a-kind podcast here:

Ethicon’s Surgical Staplers Recalled After Discovery of Horrific Internal Injuries

Ethicon’s surgical staplers were recalled by the FDA after what was believed to be a manufacturing defect in the actual mechanics of the stapling device.  The malfunction is believed to have caused multiple internal punctures causing leaks, leading to infections, and even death.  Get up to speed on this dangerous device with our podcast here:

The Latest on the Largest US Civil Litigation in History

The opioid crisis continues to wreak havoc in communities across the country, including Washington DC where opioid overdoses increased in 2019 from 2018.  The litigation is moving full-steam ahead with multiple  pressure points across the country in hopes of bringing the defendants to their knees.  Get up to speed with the latest in the litigation with our podcast here:

The Tribune in Natrona County last week had a very disturbing investigative journalism piece on vaping in the middle schools.  If you or someone you knows has a middle schooler, its time for you to get up to speed on what this e-cig thing is all about.  Open your first Juul vape kit with me here, and I promise you’ll learn a lot.  Read the article here: