As we enter the second half of February 2020, we see Harvey Weinstein’s case out with the jury, Johnson & Johnson continuing to make verdict headlines, and the nationwide Juul litigation heating up like a locomotive.  Join us in bringing awareness to dangerous drugs, products and more, and perhaps, between the two of us, we can prevent just one catastrophe.

~  Jason Ochs

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You Are Counseling a CEO of a Large Company About Whether to Testify, Should They?  Or Shouldn’t They?

This is the question many corporate attorneys and defense counsel are often faced with.  There are a myriad of considerations, not the least of which is whether the Court even has the power to compel your client to testify.  On the other hand, if you represent the other side, chances are you want that CEO on the witness stand.  Last week’s Johnson & Johnson trial in New Jersey can yield both sides some clues to this often difficult question.  Listen to our podcast here:

Home Elevator Nearly Crushes Another Child, and Still Regulators Do Not Require Simple Fix

People with children who have access, even occasionally or rarely, to home elevators, need to know the dangers these devices pose.  The injuries and deaths have been absolutely horrific, and even though a simply fix would prevent these catastrophes, regulators have not required them.  Get educated on these dangers here, and share with everyone you know who have small children:

What Product Has Been the Subject of Tens of Millions, and even Billions of Dollars, Worth of Verdicts Since 2016 Up and Through February 2020?

One product has seen verdicts that are nearly unheard of, with small verdicts being $50 million and large ones more than $4 billion.  Why are consumers not taking note of this highly dangerous product when juries are punishing the company, time and time again, for what they learn at trial after trial?  Learn here with our one-of-a-kind podcast:

This past week we watched the first Dicamba trial yield a jury verdict of more than $200 million.  If you are not familiar with Dicamba, look out for our forthcoming podcast.