On August 30, 2019 the FDA issued a press release advising the public to avoid purchasing generic and/or bootlegged vape devices.  See the release here.
The announcement comes on the heels of more than 200 reported lung disease cases that are believed to be linked to e-cigarettes and vaping.  We previously blogged about the 200 cases here.
On Sunday, September 1, 2019, the New York Times ran an informative story about the rush currently ongoing to try and determine what is causing the significant lung disease that is now spreading across the country with the common link being vaping.  Read the story here.
The FDAs announcement comes on the heels of the FDA scrambling to determine what is the cause of the unique lung disease, that presents similar to a bacterial infection, such as pneumonia, however, all infection processes – both bacterial and viral – have been ruled out.
The lung disease has been described as severe, presenting in 20-year-olds whose lungs are so damaged many have to be placed on ventilators, and at least one death has been reported.
The NY Times article suggests that the cause of the lung disease could be from various oils that remain in the vapor, that in some fashion do not vaporize, and subsequently become lodged in the patient’s lung after inhalation.
Vaping, which has long been represented as a safer alternative to tobacco, may very well be a falsehood as the science develops, as tobacco smoking hasn’t been linked to such significant lung disease in the short amount of time, and age, that is being seen in young adults who are vaping.
We will continue to update here at productattorney.com as the science develops.