Earlier this week, the New York Times reported that the first death linked to vaping had been reported in the United States.  Read the article here.
The report occurred on the heels of multiple young adults and teenagers having been hospitalized in Wisconsin and Illinois with obstructive lung disease, believed by physicians to have been the result of e-cigarettes and vaping, as vaping was the common link between the admitted patients.  We blogged about the reports here.
Also just this past week, the Center for Disease Control reported that that number of individuals having been reported as having severe lung disease after vaping had risen to 200 people covering 22 states.  Read more about the CDC reports here.
As the dangers mount with vaping across the country, the verdict is still out as to what further dangers will be linked with vaping and e-cigarettes, but clearly such dangers are significant, life-changing and possibly risk death.
We will continue to watch these developments and report them here as they become further developed and known to the public.