textured breast implants linked to rare form of cancer

We have previously reported on the link between anaplastic large cell lymphoma (ALCL) and Allergan’s textured breast implants (read the previous post here).

In December, the European Market withdrew the implants from use after it was reported that nine US women had died from the cancer.  The US Food and Drug Administration announced that the total number of women diagnosed with ALCL in the United States had increased to 457, up from 414 cases.

According to the Independent, global data has estimated 615 women have come down with ALCL after implantation of the implants with approximately 457 of those US women.

It has further been reported that some of the women were given the implants after preventative mastectomies undertaken to decrease the risk of breast cancer.

Women are now considering suit against Allergan for failure to warn of the cancer risk.  Allergan is anticipated to be sued by a large group of women harmed by the implants.

For additional background, read more here.